Personalized digital banking – creating absolute unique customer experience (AUCX)

Before we get to era when a bank will be a single computer driven by market and tech trained AI, there are a few steps on the way we should give a moment to. Technology today provides possibility to offer much more individual approach to customers, but we don’t see much in practice, yet. Personalized banking isn’t just customized user interface on mobile and internet banking. There must be personalized product offer with it to create absolute unique customer experience. In this journey the main obstacle was regulation. But is technology ready to support it? How long banks can wait before Big tech come into game with their own personalized banking solutions and take the lead?

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Building Data Architecture For AI/ML Use Cases

Unlock the potential of your financial future with our in-depth exploration of revolutionary data architecture in banking and fintech. The business landscape is evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements, changing customer expectations, and regulatory shifts. In response to these challenges, financial institutions are redefining their strategies to deliver unparalleled customer experiences, fortify security against cyber threats, optimize operational efficiency, and remain at the forefront of competition.

Discover the strategic importance of Data Mesh and Data Product methodologies in breaking down silos and promoting collaboration among stakeholders. Learn about the Operative Data Hub, a central repository designed for secure consolidation of diverse data sources, paving the way for real-time analysis and reporting.

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